Your home selling and buying alternative.

FopKey is your home selling and buying alternative.  We provide you with all of the benefits of using a traditional realtor, but we do so at a fraction of the costs to you.


FopKey charges a flat fee for its services and you only pay for those services that you want or need.  We are fully transparent with no hidden fees!  If we receive any commission in connection with your transaction, we pay that directly to you! 


Whatever you need, FopKey can provide you with all of the services required to sell your home, buy your home, find your lender or title company, conduct your closing, or just provide you with guidance through a stressful experience.  Unlike many of the national online webpages, FopKey has feet on the ground with people who can conduct showings, prepare your house for sale, or do anything that a realtor would normally do for you. We also have attorneys and other legal personnel on staff that can assist you with your transaction so that you have a clean and efficient closing.

You don't need a Realtor.

You need FopKey.

FopKey is here to help!

Only pay for services you need.

Stand on your own feet.

Buyers & Sellers find each other.

We complete the sale.


"The team was professional and

efficient. I was very impressed with the value I received versus a traditional realtor."

- Tina & James, Mpls

"I've always questioned the validity of a realtor deliverable versus what they were compensated. What I needed was a real estate legal team. I found it with FopKey."

- Mary, Plymouth

"It was so easy for us to find a buyer. Why give unearned money to an old school realtor? We needed assistance with closing and wanted to pay for that only. That's all we paid with FopKey."

- Paul & Susan, Edina





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Minneapolis, MN 55403



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