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Empowering home sellers.

Most people’s home is their most valuable asset.  It is important to get top dollar in connection with the sale of your home and for you to receive as much of the closing proceeds as possible.  The residential real estate market still operates like it did before the internet was invented. Many sellers can list their homes online without the need of a realtor, but cannot find buyers as they are represented by a realtor and will only work with other realtors.  Many buyers find their new homes online and still have to use a realtor to purchase the home.  Why?


FopKey avoids this scenario.  Our system allows buyers to contact you directly.  We don't charge a commission for making a connection that the buyers have done on their own.  If the buyers are represented by a realtor, we can still attract these buyers as your home will be listed on the MLS (provided that you will need to pay the buyers’ realtor a commission) so you will avoid the problem that most flat fee brokerage services encounter. 

Our system also allows for buyers that have realtor representation.  We don't want you to lose a sale.  Many online resources are challenged by realtors serving as "gatekeepers" of potential buyers.  These realtors may not be willing to work with a seller that does not have a realtor.  FopKey staff are licensed realtors and will list your property in the same manner as any other seller’s realtor, but we will not charge you the full commission for doing so.  You may still have to pay the buyer’s realtor a commission in connection with the sale so as to attract those buyers. You don't pay a seller's commission.  The total commission that you pay will be far less than if you were represented by a traditional realtor. 

The following are just some of the services that FopKey provides to sellers:

  • Undertake the necessary pre-sale steps needed to bring a home to market including meeting any truth in sale in housing requirements

  • Line up inspectors

  • Fill out any statutory disclosure requirements

  • Stage your home

  • Take pictures of your home and prepare sales materials

  • Resolve any title issues

  • List your home on the MLS

  • List your home on other online resources and advertise your home

  • Host open houses

  • Draft and negotiate the purchase agreement

  • Line up title work

  • Prepare for and attend closings


Remember, you only pay for services that you want to use.  We have pricing structures for every Seller's needs.

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