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All of the Closing Services.

None of the commissions.

Buyers and Sellers will often find each other without the need of realtors. That leaves the steps necessary to enter into the purchase agreement and close on the sale.  FopKey is here to help.  Our professionals will help you with all of the steps needed to complete your sale and meet all applicable legal requirements.

The following are the closing services we can provide:

  • Confirm that the seller has met the necessary pre-sale requirements including any truth in sale in housing requirements

  • Line up inspectors for the buyers

  • Fill out any statutory disclosure requirements

  • Resolve any title issues

  • Draft the purchase agreement

  • Order the title work and identify a closer

  • Identify lenders and walk the buyer through the lending process

  • Prepare for and attend the closing


Remember, you only pay for services that you want to use.  We have pricing structures for every type of closing.

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