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Transparency and cost savings for Buyers.

In today’s world it's easy for a buyer to search for and identify homes that meet a buyer’s criteria.  Many buyers don't need a realtor to view and purchase their homes, but they find that they are unable to even look at a potential home due to the structure of the residential real estate industry.


FopKey is here to help!  We will work with you to find homes that you want to view, set up showings with listing agents, and help you purchase the home of your dreams.  The great thing about our service is that we will pay to you any commission that we receive, and you will only have to pay for the services that you use!

The following are just some of the many services that we provide to Buyers:

  • Identify homes meeting your criteria

  • Establish showings and view potential homes

  • Draft and negotiate purchase agreements

  • Line up inspectors to inspect your home

  • Order title work

  • Identify lenders and walk you through the lending process

  • Prepare for and attend closing


Remember, you only pay for services that you want to use.  We have pricing structures for every Buyer's needs.

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